Overview of Wireless Evolution.

Firstly let us flashback about wireless history, in old time Wireless communication systems have traditionally focused on voice services.
as we remember The Grandpa's of generation (firts gen i mean ) wireless using analog system and only provides basic voice and low-speed circuit data using expensive dial-up modems.
Then for The second generation system already digitalized and have more capacity for voice, and also the quality surely improved, there another voices services.
And for the third generation system, 3G wireless, can also supports traditional voice and high-speed packet dataservices.

Let focusing to 3G wireles before maybe in the future we talking abaout 4th Gen.
The improvement has been done in 3G, from standarisation we can found some improvemnt like managing RF power more efficient, and also in 3G we replaced circuit switched data with packet data, and surely in 3G we have faster data rates.


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