GPS coordinate Information in National Identification Number

Today when i adjust my phone for Pray Sholat schedule , i wondering maybe this idea can be implemented for new format National Identification Number in Indonesia.
In my lovely country indonesia, i must admitted the government still have less concern for population administration management. No wonder many case the citizens have more  one National ID, because management administration still not yet centralized, this weakness can be exploited by unresponsible people.
I have heard 5 years ago, we (Indonesia) have plan to implement SIN / Single Identification Number but until now it seems not yet appliedJ, the purposes of SIN’s to make centralized database all of Indonesia residents, which have main purposes to cutover the convoluted bureaucracy, I imagine in SIN card there will have barcode number to checking in database system, and store all personal data like bank account, life & health insurance and last goal maybe like US national id named Social Security Number.
I think there are so many idea can be implemented for SIN, one little example is to adding data of GPS Global Positioniong Satellite coordinate information for address citizen in SIN. The purpose is based on coordinate GPS from SIN it will be more easy for the authority to make some validity.
But to implement the new system surely will not easy like reversing your hand palm, it will take big effort, for GPS data itself we can imagine we need collecting all coordinate starting per region, province , district, so on … and the GPS will be useful if the coordinate more detail.
But with the optimism with every heart of Indonesian people, I believe we can implement it along with the nation's welfare and positive progress of Indonesia.


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